Isauro Michael Escamilla

April 2011

Mr. Escamilla, a preschool teacher in the San Francisco USD, participates in a Teacher Research Inquiry Group at San Francisco State University. His engaging research on a particular art medium help us all to see how young children learn, how to build on children’s interests, and how to use an art project to document their growth and development. Many photos draw us into the children’s projects. His work helps us realize that preschoolers and kindergarteners are more similar than they are different.

A Study Guide is offered that is appropriate for all early childhood educators. There is also a description of the research initiative in which Mr. Escamilla and his colleagues are involved. All children photographed have parent permission forms on file.

Collage-Making: a Medium to Unleash Children’s Creativity
Escamilla Study Guide
Escamilla Inquiry Group Overview