Tissue paper hearts.This simple art activity works great hung in front of the window – where the sunlight streaming through adds a rosy glow that’s perfect for this time of year!  To prepare them – simply trace or draw a heart shape onto construction paper.  (The hearts in the picture are on 12″x18″ construction paper since the bottom half was being used for a February calendar).  To create a template to trace, simply print out a clip art heart the size you’d like it to be onto tag board.  Cut it out and you’re ready to go!  (You could just trace the paper one, but for making class sets, a tag stencil will hold up much better).

February CalendarsOnce you’ve traced your hearts, cut them out.  Take a piece of clear contact paper, and stick it to one side of the heart.  Re-stick the backing paper to the contact paper.  Cut up as many small pieces of tissue paper as you’ll need.  To make their “stained glass”, your students just peel off the backing paper, and stick the tissue paper onto the contact paper.  Picking up individual pieces of tissue paper is great fine motor practice!