Children grow and learn so much during a year – particularly when they’re really young.  CKA Treasurer and veteran Kindergarten teacher, Heather Hardaway Morrow shares this sweet way to track that progress and create a beautiful memory book at the same time.


On a half sheet of paper, students draw a self-portrait.  The page says “This is me in September” and then students write their name.  The page gets glued onto a 9×12 construction paper that has been made into a book with binding combs.  On the other side of the page, I glue a picture of the student during that month.  Each month students draw a self-portrait for the book.  It’s a great way to record students growth and see their progress/development.


Here’s one of Heather’s students’ self-portraits in September:

And here is the same student again in March:

Doesn’t it always get you how much they grow up in kindergarten?!  Do you have plans to make memory books with your students this year?  What cute ways will you be tracking their growth?  Please share – we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what the front of Heather’s books look like: