Transitions are always challenging, especially in kindergarten.  Singing is a great way to ease into and out of your day.  The right song can get all your students with you and help unify your class.

Begin and end your day on a positive note with these great songs:


  • Rise and Shine, Raffi – “Rise with the blue bird/ Shine like the sun/ Now is time to rise and shine.”  Start your day off on a bright and sunny note with this sweet song.


  • Good Morning, Greg and Steve – “Good morning!  Good morning!  Good morning to you!/ Good morning!  Good morning!  Good morning to you!/ Our day is beginning, there’s so much to do./ Good morning! Good morning! Good morning to you!”  Start your day off on the right foot with this upbeat song.

  • It’s a Beautiful Day – Greg and Steve– “See the sun shinning in the window/ Time to start a new day./ Can’t you hear the song bird singing?/ They’re gonna sing out loud and say: /CHORUS: Cause It’s a beautiful day for running in the sun,/ A beautiful day has just begun./ A beautiful day, to do what I want to dooo ah-hah./ Cause It’s a beautiful day just to be alive,/ A beautiful day so glad that I’ve got/ A beautiful day and I’d like to share it with you!  Start your day with those sweet lyrics and set the perfect tone for a harmonious day in kindergarten.

  • Sing Your Way Home, Wee Sing – “Sing your way home at the end of the day./ Sing your way home, drive the shadows away./ Smile every mile, for wherever you roam./ It will brighten your road./ It will lighten your load,/ If you sing your way home.”  This classic song is the perfect way to wrap up another great day in kindergarten.

  • The More We Get TogetherRaffi – “The more we get together/ Together, together/ The more we get together/ The happier we’ll be/ Cause your friends are my friends/ And my friends are your friends/ The more we get together/ The happier we’ll be.”  The more you sing this song, the happier will be the ending to your days.
Do you have special songs you use to begin and end your days?  Please share!  We’d love to hear from you!