Pleasant Valley School District in Camarillo, California has put together a Transition Kindergarten Curriculum to support their current kindergarten curriculum.  They designed it to incorporate the same themes the Kindergarten teachers are teaching in language arts from the Houghton Mifflin adoption so TK teachers would be included in kindergarten planning times.  They used Big Books that have been previously used in the district to support the language arts and science and social studies themes each month. 

Instead of alphafriends, they chose Zoophonics as the letters and sounds and phonics program (district preschools also uses Zoophonics).  They did backwards mapping of math and used common core standards and a lot of Math Their Way and Developing Number Concepts by Kathy Richardson to support math. Harcourt Brace is the kindergarten adopted program and they listed it to comply with Williams Act.  Science and Social Science curriculum are supported developmentally through themes, however the adoptions listed are in regards to Williams Act. 

Click here to view the TK big books and literature used to support the monthly curricular themes.