Trick-or-treating is around the corner and friendly little ghosts and witches are swirling through the air.  Here are three great books to help get your class in a spooky mood without being too scary for our little readers.  None of these books aren’t explicitly about Halloween, so even if your district/school doesn’t celebrate, they should still work well as read-alouds for this time of year.

A Dark, Dark Tale, Ruth Brown – The author is also a talented and trained artist and as usual it shines through in the illustrations for this book.  The repetitive text builds to a surprising and funny ending.  With no mention of Halloween, and a smile at the end, this is a perfect book to put your class in a spooky, but not scary, mood.  While you’re reading, make sure to look carefully at the illustrations.  There are several little “hidden surprises” to discover.



There’s a Nightmare in My Closet, Mercer Mayer – Don’t you just hate those monsters hiding in the closet?  So does the main character in this classic picture book.  His problems get worse when he catches the monster – and it begins to cry!  This book is guaranteed not to frighten even the most sensitive little readers but there are no promises they won’t be left laughing.  With no mentions of Halloween, either, this is a title that could easily fit into any classroom.



The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Linda D. Williams – “Once upon a time there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything.”  Until some shoes start following her – and the rest of a body slowly joins in.  This is another great seasonal book that doesn’t mention Halloween – that huge jack-o-lantern you see on the cover becomes the head for a scarecrow.


What’s on your bookshelves right now?  Are you celebrating Halloween in your classroom or focusing on another theme?  Either way, we hope the goblins are steering clear of your rooms and all the witches stay friendly!