These q-tip skeletons are an easy and fun Halloween art activity.  Cutting the q-tips is easier than you might think with adult scissors – especially if you buy the generic ones.  :)  Arranging the “bones” to form a body is also trickier than you might think – and it’s lots of fun to see all the neat arrangements kids will come up with!  Just to wait till you hear some of the “personal histories” of those skeletons!

All you’ll need is these printable skulls.  There are eight to a sheet of paper, so it won’t take too much copying.  Then simply provide each child with a head, some whole and some half q-tips, a sheet of 9X12″ construction paper and you’re ready to create!  (White glue seems to hold the q-tips best).

Here’s to a “spooky” fun art project!