The days are getting shorter and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  As the busy holiday season nears, give yourself a break with this quick and easy way to practice making patterns.  Despite the easy preparation, this hands-on activity is not only fun and engaging, but it looks great as part of a seasonal bulletin board.  Plus, handling the small little leaves is great fine motor practice!

Fall leaf garlands are available at many dollar stores, or at arts and crafts stores.  No scissors needed – the leaves will come off easily with just a tug.  If you find a garland with multiple different kinds of leaves on it, then a single one should be enough for a class to complete this activity.  If not, you’ll have enough for a few years to come!  (Keep in mind that the more different kinds of leaves you provide, the more difficult it is for the kids to stick to the ones in their pattern and complete it.  Also, the more complex the pattern that they’ll be able to make).

Large (18″x24″) construction paper cut in 3″ strips makes an easy place to glue the patterns, and you can choose a complementary color.  Sentence strips cut into shorter lengths also work well.  White glue works better than glue sticks to keep the leaves in place.

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Happy patterning!