These colorful snowflakes are a great chance to review patterns, and improve fine motor skills all while creating a winter art project any kindergartener would enjoy.  Best of all, these are easy to prep – which is perfect for this busy time of year!  No time to sneak this activity in before the break?  No problem!  These would work just as well in the new year.  :)

You’ll need some pipe cleaners (1.5 for each child – we used white, but silver or pale blue would work great, too), and some beads.  How many beads depends on their size and shape, but for these pony beads, we wound up using around 54 per snowflake.  It’s roughly a large handful.  To prepare the snowflakes, cut the pipe cleaners in half.

Take three halves and twist them together in the middle two or three times.

Spread out the “arms” so that they’re more “snowflake like”.  That’s it!  Now they’re ready for some fine motor and math practice.  Have your students thread on the beads.  They can make patterns, count out a certain number on each “spoke”, make the snowflake symmetrical or just enjoy choosing a random assortment.  Any way you choose, they’ll be working on that all important pincer grasp as they add the beads.

When it’s all done, simply bend the end of the pipe cleaner back on itself so that the beads can’t fall back off.  These look beautiful hanging in your classroom, and would make a great gift for kids to take home to their parents, too.