We love songs for their ability to help set the mood for a lesson, get students back on track, practice some phonemic awareness skills and review topical vocabulary – all in just a couple of minutes of fun!  Here are some great songs to get you and your kids “revved up” for a transportation unit.

All of these are available from Amazon for download and each are only 99 cents – so you can be ready to roll {groan} right away!

Workin’ on the Railroad, Raffi

Yellow Submarine, Raffi

Row, Row, Row, Raffi

Bumping Up and Down, Raffi

Walk, Walk, Walk, Raffi

Riding in an Airplane, Raffi

New River Train, Raffi

Down By The Station""“>Down By The Station, Cedarmont Kids

Yankee Doodle, Wee Sing

Sadly not available for download, but available for purchase, is “Drive My Car” by Laurie Berkner.  You’d find it on her CD Under a Shady Tree.  You’ll find it’s as hilarious as many of her songs are.  It’s a favorite of kindergarten teacher and CKA Board Member, Kimberly DeMille, who says, “I do a lot of motions to it and use it as a movement song…. Get the wiggles out!”


Last but not least, if you’re looking for a new twist on an old classic, Amazon has a ton of different versions of The Wheels on the Bus available for download, a couple of which are actually FREE!  Which is enough to get any teacher’s toes tapping.  :)

Is transportation a theme you teach in your (transitional) kindergarten classroom?  What are your favorite transportation songs?  What did we miss?  We love to learn, so please share!