The end of the year is in sight and despite the recent weather, summer is around the corner!  CKA Board Member, Heather Morrow has a math activity she did with her Transitional Kindergarten class which is designed to keep things “cool” and going, ahem, “swimmingly”.  ;)
“Students were in pairs and they got a fish template and a 1/2 sheet of paper.  They worked together to make an addition story and added details to their picture.  Then they presented their story.  I didn’t have them write anything but you could easily add that part in.”

If you’re looking for a quick and easy idea that will help get you ready to greet your new class next school year while you wrap up this year, check out our post on Secret Messages!  Looking for a great book (or two) to help you end your year?  Our post, Great Books to End Your Year has you covered.

We hope the end of your year is coming to a good end and that you’re enjoying these last few days with your students.  Do you have special activities you like to do with your class to wrap up the year?  Any tips to make the last few days extra special?  We’d love to hear them!