Would you like to have more white board space but can’t figure out where to put them?  CKA Board Member and Kindergarten teacher, Kimberly DeMille shares this fabulous idea!  She went to Home Depot and bought white boards.  Then she had them cut them to size.  She shares that, “I brought in the measurements and they were happy to do it.  Usually they are…if I tell them I am a teacher.”

She then adhered them to her classroom cabinets using

So if you’re looking to do an activity like this, (which also happens to be one of Kimberly’s awesome ideas) An Easy-Peasy Kindergarten Writing Center:

But you can’t figure out how to cram all the kids into a small white board area?  Problem.  Solved!  And, just in case you aren’t a fan of Crayola 8ct Dry Erase Crayons Large Size""“>dry-erase crayons?  And that

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