Practicing letters with pin art.

Here’s an easy way to practice letters and improve fine motor skills, too.  Plus – pin art is super fun, so it’s win-win!  The best part?  It’s super easy to prepare and a great independent center – perfect for times when you have testing to do, or you want to pull a small group.

So, what’s this “pin art” business about anyhow, you say?  You’ll want a carpeted space for your students to work, since the push pin won’t work well on a hard surface.  Then you’ll need some construction paper, a push pin for each child, and this pin art letters printable.

Download (PDF, 349KB)

Make a copy of the sheet you want your students to practice.  Since there are 4 on each sheet, you won’t need to make too many.  You’ll want to have a sheet of construction paper behind each dotted letter sheet.  The easiest way is to place a staple above each letter, and then cut the page into quarters.  That way, you won’t have to pair up as many sheets of construction paper with the photocopied pages.  (The sample in the picture is a little different than the printable in this post).

Each student takes their push pin and makes a small hole through each dot.  When they’re done dotting both letters, simply pull off the photocopy and toss it.  You’ll be left with a perforated version of the letters.  These look great hanging in a window where the light can shine through.

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