Fall might not be in the air just yet, but in Transitional Kindergarten teacher and CKA Treasurer Heather Morrow’s classroom, apples sure are!  She shares this week’s fun Tuesday Teaching Tip with us:

Here’s a beginning of the year activity to practice listening & following directions along with some scissors skills… During our red week, we decorated our class tree with apples.  Each student used a 6×6 red square and cut off each corner.  They attached a 3×1-1/2 brown rectangle as the stem.  The apple was then placed on our tree and we are now ready to talk about apples for a September theme. Next month we will change the decorations on our tree to match a monthly theme.

Next week’s Tuesday Teaching Tip will have lots of ideas for books about apples – so make sure to check back in with us!  And we’ll be bringing you more updates from Heather Morrow’s room so you can follow along as her tree changes throughout the year.  Are you doing anything apple themed for fall?  We’d love to hear about it!