Thankfully, there’s no need to be scared.  This is one Halloween activity that involves no candy whatsoever.  ;)  CKA Board Member and Kindergarten Teacher Kimberly DeMille shares this week’s topical Tuesday Teaching Tip with us.  Special thanks to kindergarten teacher extraordinaire Amy Sanchez, who came up with this great idea!  We really appreciate them both for sharing it with us!


Apply all the work you have been devoting to learning letters and sounds these past two months in this super fun Halloween activity that does not require a single ounce of CANDY!

What you need:

At least five different locations to visit at your school site (office, nurse, principal’s office, cafeteria, library, etc.).
Five different bags filled with Halloween treats, enough in each bag so that each child receives one. (Spider rings, Halloween pencils, bouncy balls, erasers, stickers- many options available at Target)
Label each bag with the initial letter of each item (ex.  Pencils “P”)
A class set of brown paper lunch bags (Trick or Treat bags)

What you do:

Arrange for an adult to be at each of the stops on your scavenger hunt who will take student’s guesses and pass out items once the students have guessed the item.
A week prior to the hunt, have students memorize the following chant:
Trick or treat is what we say,
On this Halloween day
Ghosts, spiders
And a bat,
What’s the letter….
We’ll guess it like THAT!
Once you arrive at your first location, have students recite the chant.  The adult then will present the bag labeled with the letter and ask the students to guess what is inside.  Once they have guessed the item,  each student receives one of the items in their “Trick or Treat” bag.
Proceed to the next location until all locations have been visited!
Super Fun!  No candy necessary!!
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