Having trouble getting your kids’ attention?  Want a quick and easy way to get your class back on track with you?  CKA Board Member and Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire Kimberly DeMille shares this week’s Tuesday Teaching Tip with us.

First she sings:

All my friends please look at me
Freeze on the count of 1-2-3

While counting, she does the following motions:

1) Hands at your side to signal putting down materials.

2) Hands on shoulders.

3) Hands on head.

Ready to switch it up a bit?  Kimberly suggests changing the language in which you count, or adding an adjective to your chant.  For instance, “All my lovely friends please look at me”.  These could be topical to – try spooky, or frightful for October, thankful/turkey/Pilgrim for November, or frosty/chilly in January for example.

Have a great way to get your students’ attention?  We’d love to hear it!