A new year is fast approaching and many people are looking for ways to start off on a more organized foot.  Today’s teaching tip comes to us from CKA Board Member and Transitional Kindergarten teacher, Heather Morrow.  It’s a fast and easy way to make items you’ve stored in ziplocs more visible and also to allow you to write whatever you want on them!  It’s also a great way to get them ready for some decorating with stickers – perfect for sending home special treats for parents and kids alike.  Ziplocs are fabulous because they come in so many different sizes – from snack to XXL, keep items dry, clean and easy to see and are easy to label with a Sharpie.  So grab your ziplocs, and some nail polish remover and let’s get started with Heather’s tip!

Did you know nail polish remover takes off the writing on plastic bags?  And it’s totally simple!