While the weather here in most of California has remained sunny and warm, a great deal of the rest of the country has been gripped in a deep freeze.  But just because winter has been feeling a lot more like spring lately doesn’t mean we can enjoy a little “snow” … paint.
Mix roughly equal parts of shaving cream and white glue in a container:

You want to make sure there’s enough glue that the paint dries hard.  It should look like this, with stiff peaks:

So what do you do with snow paint?  Well, you can paint with, of course.  Or add details to a piece of artwork.  Like this one that was first drawn in white chalk:

Of course, writing with snow paint makes pretty much everything more fun.  So, you can practice sight words with it.  The words were written out in chalk first.  You could have the kids do this, but it’s tricky to trace the letters if they’re too small.

Number writing also becomes more fun with snow paint:

Or experiment with symmetry:

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We hope you have a wonderfully snowy day!