The weather outside may be delightful, but you can still add a touch of frost to your sight words.  Now, many of you may have added a wintery touch to drawings with a touch (or splattering) of Epsom salts.  Here’s what the classic take on this activity looks like.  This example was done with a 1:1 ratio of Epsom salts to boiling water.  Using a paint brush to splatter the solution adds an especially realistic touch.

Add a frosty touch to your kindergarten winter art with Epsom salts.

The same ratio adds a fun touch to practicing letters and numbers:

Epsom salts work great for adding a winter touch to letters and numbers, too.
Or sight words:

sight words
The one on the left the child wrote themselves with white crayon.  You can see that makes it pretty challenging to trace over with the Epsom salts solution.  The letters are just often too small.

So grab some 8 1/2″x11″ blue construction paper cut in half and a white crayon and in no time you’ll be ready to practice some sight words with your class.  Or numbers.  Or letters.  Or names.  Or??