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Spring is in the air, and we can all feel that count down to some well-deserved time off!  CKA Treasurer and Board Member, Heather Morrow shared this fun, hands-on way to keep little fingers actively engaged, even with spring fever going around.

You’ll need this blackline master, and you’ll probably want to photocopy it onto either construction paper or tag.  You just want something a little heavier and stiffer than regular paper, because your students will be gluing objects to it.  We’ve given it to you un-programmed, so to speak, so you can choose what you’d like your students to work on, and how/if you’d like to differentiate it.  You could put an addition or subtraction problem in each space, or write a number.  Then, you’ll want to provide your students with white glue and something to glue onto the egg.  Brightly colored cereal works well, as would plastic gems, foam stickers, sequins, etc.  Whatever you have on hand!  Your kids simply solve the problem, or read the number and then glue the correct number of objects into that space on the egg.  If you needed to make it easier, you could always provide dots, and just have your students practice one-to-one correspondence, as well.  Happy gluing!