end of the year read alouds

We’re not quite sure where the time has gone,but somehow we’ve made it to the end of another school year!  The count is on and summer is just around the corner.  Here are some great read alouds to help wrap up your year!

The incomparable Miss Bindergarten returns to bid farewell to her students in another installment of this classic series by Joseph Slate.  Just try to hold the tears back as this beloved Kindergarten teacher wraps up her year!

A new twist on a familiar classic!  “I think I can” becomes “I knew you could” as this charming book gives you a perfect opportunity to reflect on all the learning and growth that went on over the year.

The incomparable Eric Carle’s hermit crab decorates his shell to perfection only to outgrow it – just as your students have outgrown their home in kindergarten!  This charming story lends itself perfectly to the end of the year.

Reflect on lessons learned in a hilarious way with this super funny book from Robert Munsch.  A nice break from the tear jerkers this time of year!

A wonderful CKA member, Lesley Brooks Legakis told shared with us that, “My favorite is “Fish is Fish” by Leo Lionni. It’s about a minnow and a polliwog who are best friends until the polliwog outgrows the pond and goes off to see the world. Thankfully, he returns to share his adventures with his friends as I encourage my students to do with me!”

A quintessential classic that just gets better with each re-reading.  How can you go wrong with Dr. Seuss?

The titles says it all!  From the author of the series of “Night Before” books, including The Night Before Kindergarten comes this tale of a family attempting to get ready to go on vacation.  Another humorous read!

You’ll want to get out the tissues for sure with Cynthia Rylant’s as rhythmic, sentimental text sets the perfect tone for the end of the year! The book starts off with bread, “In a little kitchen/someone butters bread,/ wonderful bread./ The earth grew wheat,/ the wheat made flour,/ and the wonderful happened:/ bread.” Just try to hold back the tears when you read, “the wonderful happened,/ the wonderful is you/ growing like a red red rose” to your class!

This sweet book acknowledges just how bitter sweet the end of the year and good byes can be!

What’s on your shelves ready to go for these last few weeks/days of school?  Do you have a favorite you always reach for on the last day?  We’d love to hear from you!