Ok, the count down is on!  For some of you, summer is right around the corner.  Others are going to have to wait just a little bit longer.  Either way, who can’t use a super simple, active way to review core skills?  So grab a large piece of paper, a marker or crayon and a pack or two of post-its.  You’ll need maybe 5 minutes to prep and you’ll be ready to go.  It’s that easy.  We promise.

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

Choose your target.  This was done with sight words, but you could just as easily review numbers, addition/subtraction problems, CVC words or whatever else you’d like your students to review.  Write out several on a large sheet of paper.  If your whole class is going to work on it at once, you’re probably going to want a few of these.  Or, you could easily divide them into teams, and just use different markers to write them out and different colored post-it notes.  Write out the matching sight words on post-it notes (or the addition sums/problems, etc).  Hide them around your classroom, and you’re ready to go!

Scavenger Hunt Easy Review

The kids just stick the post-its under or right on top of the target.  Cute apple-shaped post-its are optional.  :)  But the Target dollar section and the Dollar Tree often have neat shapes.

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

It’s that quick and simple!  The best part?  They’ll be getting rid of some of those summer wiggles while they’re cementing important skills.  :)