This article examines early childhood theoretical “hats” that are possible choices for a kindergarten teacher to wear in the United States. The “hats” represent major theoretical perspectives for early development and education. It is suggested that, through an examination of how these “hats” are translated into classroom practice, a vital and enriched kindergarten experience can become more of a reality. The discussion concludes with examples of how each theoretical hat can become visible in the practice of quality kindergarten teaching.


Study Guide Questions:

A. How did this article clarify various learning theories for you?

B. How do you bring these learning theories to life in your own classroom?

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As your peruse these selected additions, primarily online, I suggest that you put on your own thinking hat – perhaps a ‘fascinator’ (a 2013 term for a style of millinery).  I hope that these additional resources will indeed fascinate you, beguile you, engage you, and stimulate you to further appreciate our great history of theory in early childhood education.

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