Poem in my pocket mosaicThis week’s Tuesday Teaching Tip comes to us from the classroom of first grade teacher and CKA Board Member, Deborah Meng.  If you didn’t catch Poem in My Pocket, one of our past Tuesday Teaching Tips, you’ll want to check out how she uses these poems as an awesome part of her reading instruction.


Here are some good beginning of the year poems/songs:

Found an Apple

(to the tune of “My Darling Clementine”)

Found an apple, found and apple, found an apple on a tree.

I was nappin’, just cat nappin’, underneath that apple

Then it hit me, then it hit me, when the apple fell on me.

I discovered, yes, discovered Newton’s Law of Gravity!

Up on My Bookshelf

By: Cindy Holguin and Anthony Holguin

(To the tune of “Up on the Housetop”

Up on my bookshelf are some books,

Down I take one for a look,

Before I know it the books come alive,

And all the characters take me for a ride.

Ho, ho, ho, I love books! Ho, ho, ho, take a look!

I love to read all day and night!

All of my books I’ll read tonight!

Stalk or Slide

By: Evelyn Beyer

Worms wiggle, bugs jiggle
Rabbits hop, horses clop
Snakes slide, seagulls glide
Mice creep, deer leap
Puppies bounce, kittens pounce
Lions stalk, but I walk!

We hope this helps you tame those rabbits and lions in your class and get your year off to a smooth start!