December is in full swing and the count down to Winter Break is ON!  The days may technically be getting shorter but they sure can feel longer!  Here’s a super easy math center idea to the rescue.  Debra Weller, TK teacher and CKA Co-President shares this adorable game with us.  In her words, “Cut out trees, add dice and pom poms= an instant counting game.”

Easy Kindergarten Christmas Tree Counting Game
Easy peasy, right?  We bet you already have everything you need, too!  Need to make it easier?  Give them only one die.  Need to make it harder?  Have them draw a card from a set of calendar numbers or flash cards.  Don’t have pom poms?  Use those plastic bingo markers, or beads.  Do you already do something like this in your classroom?  We’d love to hear about it.  Inspired to try this?  We want to know how it goes!  Please keep us posted.