Cookie sheet magnetic letter and numbers matching.The end of January is fast approaching.  Do you still have some students who are struggling with letter and/ornumber recognition? Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip is here to help!  First Grade teacher Julie McGreevy shares this easy and simple to personalize idea with us.

You’ll want to make the dollar store or a thrift store your first stop – they carry cookie sheets.  Then, either use a fun font or do a google image search for letters/numbers in a particular theme.  You could choose one that goes along with the unit you’re teaching, or that particularly appeals to your struggling student.  Print them out and cover them with clear contact paper.  That’s it!  Just add some magnetic letters and numbers and you’re ready to provide hands on practice with an extra fun twist.

Not only are these magnet boards personalizable, but they’re also really portable, so it’s easy to have a volunteer or older buddy child help your struggling student wherever it makes the most sense for you.  Need a new theme?  It’s super easy to peel off the contact paper and switch it out.

Happy matching!  If you’ve made this, or any other teaching materials drawn from Tuesday Teaching Tip ideas, we’d love to hear about it!  Do you have something similar you use in your classroom?