Can you believe that the end of the year is almost here?  Time seems to fly faster every year!  Not to worry.  We’ve got you covered with books to read and activities to do.
End of the year kindergarten ideas roundup.

First up, snuggle up with some great books and wrap up your year with these funny, sweet and downright touching texts:

end of the year read alouds

Next up, your class will have their own memory book to treasure with this sweet farewell to kindergarten from CKA President Elect and kindergarten teacher, Kimberly DeMille:

End of the year kindergarten memory book.

Last, but not least, head outside and reflect on everything that’s happened this year with this contemplative idea from CKA Past-President, Ada Hand:

End of the year ritual.

How do you wrap up the year with your students?  Do you have a special activity you always do?  A favorite book we missed?  We’d love to hear from you!