The end of the year is oh-so-close!  There is so much to get done and somehow the time always seems so crunched.  Feeling the pinch and needing a bit of help out of a sticky situation?  {Ahem.}  Grab some post-its and let’s knock out a quick review of reading CVC words, make a tree map and get everyone up and moving with less than five minutes of prep.

First, grab those trusty post-its.  Bonus points for having ones with a cute print, but really?  At this point in the year it’s all about survival, right?  ;)  Write a CVC word on each, making sure that you have some with each medial vowel.  Then, “hide” them around the room.  Grab a large piece of butcher paper and create your tree map frame.  Or use your white board.  We won’t tell.  That’s it!  You’re ready to roll!

Tree map CVC words

Have your students fan out and search for words.  They can read them to you as they add them to the tree map in the correct place.  Want to differentiate this activity?  Choose some words with blends and digraphs.  Color code them and assign colors to different groups of kids.  Or step it up one more notch and create two different (or more) tree maps.  Just choose a different color to write each set of words and assign each group of kids to look for their color!  Or grab some different colored post-its.  Done!

The best part?  When it’s all over, have them close their eyes, “hide” the words again and you’re ready to play again!