Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip joins many of our favorite things.  It’s easy to prep, easy to store, easy to differentiate and FUN to boot!  You’ll need some page protectors, this PDF of the dotted sight words printable (or your own), washable or dry erase crayons or markers.

Sight words on a personal magnet board

Print out the attached sight words file, stuff them in sheet protectors and you’re ready to go!  You can absolutely use dry erase markers or crayons, but we love the triangular hold of these washable ones, which erase with a Kleenex just fine, too. They’re great for encouraging a correct pencil hold.

Easy sight words activity

It would be super easy to give higher or struggling students sight word sheets printed in a different color, so that they could be working at their own level even with heterogeneous grouping.  Or simply print them out on different colors of paper!  Easy-peesy.  :)

Now, pop quiz!  Did you notice the cookie sheets in the top photo?  Want to know why they’re there?  Check out next week’s Tuesday Teaching Tip!