Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip is brought to us by the wonderful Deb Meng, First Grade Teacher at Elk Grove Unified School District and former CKA Board Member.  Last week she shared with us her tips for developing segmenting ability.  Today she brings us another way to support phonemic awareness – rhyming poetry.Here is our out the door poem we recite.  I found the wall hanging at Home Goods (but it could easily be made by hand)  and used the poem as one of our homework poems for Poem in My Pocket.  We were studying rhyming at the beginning of the year, so this was perfect!

Using rhyming poems.

Out the Door Rhyme

See you later alligator,
In a while crocodile,
Out the door dinosaur,
Toodle-oo kangaroo,
Give a hug ladybug,
Be sweet parakeet,
Take care polar bear,
Chop chop lollipop,
Bye bye butterfly.