The CKA Board of Directors will have openings for incoming board members beginning March, 2019.

Nominees must be members in good standing and exemplify these criteria:

  • Dedication to the goals of CKA
  • Willingness and availability to volunteer time for board and committee work
  • Commitment and contributions to the field of early childhood, especially kindergarten
  • Expertise needed to serve on committees and/or hold office
  • Technological expertise and access

The Nominating Committee strives for diversity on the Board, including geographical representation, by noting nominees’: 

  • Active involvement in education with a primary emphasis on kindergarten
  • Varied professional roles, including practitioners and retired educators
  • Connections to related educational agencies and professional organizations

The Nominating Committee will select and propose a slate for approval by the Board of Directors. Ballots with biographical information will be mailed to current members. Votes then will be counted, and a simple majority will determine election results. (Board travel expenses are paid by CKA when possible.) Board members must attend the annual California Kindergarten Conference, up to four board meetings and serve on a minimum of two committees.

The deadline for applications is June 15th. If you’ve ever considered giving your energy to CKA, click here for an application.