Classroom Management

For many children, kindergarten is their first experience with formal schooling.  (And doesn’t that make you appreciate pre-school teachers?!) Helping them learn how to share, take turns, line up and raise their hand can all be challenging on its own.  And, wait – you’re supposed to teach them how to read and write, too!

The California Kindergarten Association is here for you!  As a group of current and former kindergarten teachers ourselves, we’ve been there, and done that!  If trying to get kindergarten kids to work with you as a group is making you feel like you’re herding cats, we have strategies and tips to help.   Tried one of our ideas?  We’d love to hear how it worked!

Two Little Feet

Happy Tuesday!  We hope you enjoyed your well deserved long weekend!  Kids a little restless after all that Labor Day fun?  We hope today's Tuesday Teaching tip poem will help get the wiggles out. Two Little Feet Two little feet go stamp, stamp, (stamp feet) Two...