Reading and Writing

Kindergarten is where many children first learn to read.  We help you guide them through this exciting time with helpful hints and fun reading activities that will keep them engaged and actively learning and give you an alternative to reading worksheets.  Didn’t find what you were looking for?  Let us know – we value your input!  Also, don’t forget to check back soon – we are constantly expanding our offerings!

We know you’ll agree with us that Kindergarten writing is more than just worksheets!  We help you find hands on, engaging ways to teach writing and inspire your students with writing activities even your most reluctant learners will love!  Again, don’t forget to check back soon – new ideas are always being added!


The Itsy Bitsy Spider Book

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Book

It's raining, it's pouring...  Rainy days have you down?  Today's Tuesday Teaching Tip will have you looking on the sunny side with this adorable idea from CKA's own board member Michelle Jones.  We love the fun twist of adding the little pipe cleaner spider! This was...


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