Kimberly DeMille
Kimberly DeMille CKA President

Dear CKA Members,

Welcome to the California Kindergarten Association!  As President of this incredible organization, I personally welcome you as a valued member of CKA!

CKA’s Mission Statement, “ …to foster the development of the whole child by promoting best practices in teaching and learning,” is our beacon. It keeps us focused on what we can do as educators, administrators, and teachers to contribute to what we know is best for young children in their early learning and development.

As President of CKA, my goals include continuing the amazing work we do as an organization by serving educators and young children. Additionally, we will be reaching out further to our state legislators so that our voices are heard and accounted for. Together we DO and WILL make a difference in providing high-quality educational experiences to ALL of our youngest learners!

Welcome to CKA!


Kimberly DeMille was elected President of CKA in January 2017 after serving on the Board of Directors for four years. Kimberly is a first grade teacher in beautiful Carlsbad, California.  She has been teaching for 21 years and is proud to be able to say 17 of these years have been spent doing what she is passionate about– teaching kindergartners! Drawing from Robert Fulghum’s first lesson learned in kindergarten: SHARE EVERYTHING, she is an extraordinary leader, passing on her knowledge about good teaching practices.  Kimberly has been a mentor teacher to numerous student teachers, and she has led professional development classes for Capistrano Unified School District, California Kindergarten Association and most recently, for KinderStar in Vietnam.