In February of 2007 we lost a dear friend, colleague, child advocate, founding board member, benefactor and the second president of the California Kindergarten Association, Dr. Violet Robinson.  Dr. Robinson was a firm believer in the importance of research. She often stated that as a professional, statewide association we had a responsibility to provide our members with authentic research about the education and development of young children.

One of Dr. Robinson’s major contributions to the association and to its members was that of editor of the association’s journal.  Entitled, Kindergarten Education: Theory, Research and Practice it was published from 1996 to 2001.  Unfortunately, several years ago we had to discontinue the publishing of the journal due to a major decrease in revenue and the increased cost of publishing such a document.  As a result of rethinking how we can disseminate such information in an every changing technological era, the Board of Directors of CKA is moving to provide its members once again with original research as an honor to Dr. Vi Robinson.  We hope that such research will lead to discussion, reflection and professional growth for all that read it.

Do Your Own Classroom Research!

If you are interested in learning how to do classroom research, the following two books are excellent resources.  Each has clear, well written strategies for how to decide on a research topic, gather data, analyze the data, write a report and publish.

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Kindergarten Teachers’ Perceptions of Kindergarten Readiness

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Nancy L. Cappelloni, Ed.D. March 2011   Ms. Cappelloni’s research has resulted in a new conceptualization of readiness that decision-makers and educators can use to redefine policies, include the whole children’s development and plan for optimal transition practices for children and families. Her research builds on that of the National Education Goals Panel.   A Study Guide is offered to help educators examine their teaching practices and improve curriculum and instruction. Kindergarten Teachers’ Perceptions of...

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Storytelling, the Cornerstone of Literacy

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Debra Weller January 2009 Storytelling is an ancient tool and communication skill that is validated with current brain research. It is a viable component of an effective literacy program. This research explains the importance of storytelling in the early childhood classroom, the supporting research, implications for literacy achievement, how to become an effective storyteller, and children as storytellers. Storytelling, the Cornerstone of...

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Defining Kindergarten Education in an Era of Accountability

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Jennifer Lin Russell January 2008 Jennifer Lin Russell’s research addresses whether kindergarten is becoming more academically focused. It also offers insight on the relationship between developmentally appropriate practice, student achievement, and student motivation. She offers implications for full-day kindergarten and how the California Kindergarten Association may assist teachers in their efforts to provide a balanced instructional approach. Defining Kindergarten Education in an Era of...

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