Adjusting to Kindergarten can be challenging for many students.  Even students in higher grades often struggle with getting homework done.  Here’s how former CKA Board Member Pam Sunderman worked together with one mom to support her children in getting their assigned work completed.

Says Pam, “We came up with the idea of a Special Homework Box.  I suggested materials and to make sure he knew that it was very special and just for homework.  It would even have a snack inside each day.  She took my suggestions and ran with them.  For Christmas she assembled a box for each of her 3 children.  Santa wrote them each a note (the first grader, a kindergartener, and a toddler) explaining what they were for.  I love her wording in the letters.  Tayden is the first grader, Ryland is the kinder, and Jewyl is the toddler.  To keep them fresh I suggested a visit from the Elf on a Shelf once a month or so to check up on how things are going and maybe bring some more materials or a little something (no real reason why he has to be cooped up with the Xmas stuff all year).  The snack is magic…it gives them energy to finish.  Who knows how long the newness will last but I see lots of possibilities to refresh the magic…a Valentine treat (materials to make some special ones)…a little something green and magical from the Leprechaun (I see glitter in their future)…An Easter egg with a treat (special stickers)…”

Naturally, Special Homework Boxes could easily be adapted for children not celebrating Christmas, Easter or even any of the holidays.  There’s no reason why the “Homework Fairy” couldn’t send letters, or check up on progress.  Glitter and snacks are most certainly non-denominational :) , and special treats could always be seasonal (fall, winter, spring, summer) rather than for a particular holiday.

We’d love it if you’d weigh in with your thoughts on homework.  What tricks and tips do you suggest to parents to help with homework troubles?  Does your district require that kindergarten students do homework?  Do you choose to send assignments home?  How often and how much?