It never fails.  Time is up for an activity and at least one child if not more just aren’t done, leaving a pile of unfinished papers and possibly other materials floating around, and inevitably getting lost.  Not to mention how they tend to get all mixed together and that’s when you discover the kids in question forgot to write their names

Enter Karen Anderson, kindergarten teacher extraordinaire at Sheppard Accelerated Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California with an elegant solution that takes up next to no room, is quick and easy to set up and is super simple for your students to use.  And the miracle solution that will tame the “I’m not done yet!” mess?

Hanging files in a portable box!   

See?  We told you it was quick and easy!  Plus, we love how the colors make it easy to find the folder you or the student is looking for and since the folders already have names, even if they forgot, there’s no wondering whose paper it is!

Better yet?  It’s multi-functional.  Got a bunch of kids away?  Simply add the materials for the activities they missed to their folder. When they come back, or if someone asks for work to be sent home – it’s all there, already organized and ready to go.  Simple!

CKA Board Member, Kimberly DeMille has her box organized with two different colored tabs to reflect her Early-Bird/Late-Bird schedule.  She also has a stack of quick notes to go home if work needs to be finished there.



How do you keep your “I’m not done yet!” materials organized?  We’d love to hear your different ideas and we hope this tip helps!