Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip is brought to us by CKA Past Co-President, Ada Hand.

This art work comes from preschool teacher Domenic Manchester in San Francisco.  He took his students on a field trip to see the “Painted Ladies,” famous San Francisco Victorian homes.  The children took part in an integrated unit of literacy, mathematics, and art that helped them to see and pay attention to their environment.  Domenic’s teaching is inspirational!

Integrating Math, ELA and Art with the Painted Ladies
Foundations Covered:

Mathematics: Children identify, describe, and construct a variety of different shapes.
English-Language Development: Children write letters or letter-like shapes to represent words or ideas.
Social-Emotional Development: Children take greater initiative in making new discoveries, identifying new solutions, and persisting in trying to figure things out.
Visual Art: Children begin to create representative drawings that approximate or depict people, animals, and objects.