Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip comes to us from CKA President-Elect and kindergarten teacher, Kimberly DeMille.  There might be little chance of rain, let alone snow, but that’s not stopping her class from having a “snow day”!

As a culmination to our unit on winter, we celebrate with a SNOW DAY! Students are invited to wear their snow gear to school (caps, hats, mittens, boots, scarves). The day includes many fun activities:

Graphing snow gear- students sit in a big circle and we graph each item in the floor.

Copy of Kimberly snow day 1 croppedSnowball fight- we use rolled up white socks to mimic a snowball fight!

Skating!Ice skating- we let the students “ice skate” using paper plates on the carpet.

Snow Day!Making a snowman- students use cotton balls to cover a small snowman template made of construction paper. They then use paper scraps to add the parts of the snowman: eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hat, scarf, buttons….

Kindergarten Snow DayMaking ice cream: students get together with their big buddies to make ice cream (gloves come in handy to do this activity) Materials needed: (for two students) one gallon size freezer ziploc, two quart size freezer bags, chocolate milk, ice, and morton’s rock salt. Directions: fill each quart size ziploc with approximately 3/4 cup chocolate milk. Fill gallon size ziploc with ice (almost full). Place quart size ziplocs (sealed) into gallon size ziploc. Add approximately 1/2 cup rock salt. Seal gallon ziploc. Seal. Shake! Viola! In about 10 mins, the milk turns into ice cream!

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