Poem in my pocket mosaicToday’s Tuesday Teaching Tip is brought to us by the wonderful Deb Meng, First Grade Teacher at Elk Grove Unified School District and former CKA Board Member.

Here’s our class cheer for this year.  I wanted something that incorporated collaboration and cooperation as well as goal setting.  I assigned the cheer as one of their Poem in My Pocket assignments.  We recited the cheer every morning.  Before I gave them the assignment, we defined what a goal was and each student set either a fluency goal, sight word goal (number of new words learned) or spelling goal (number of words correct) for the week.  By the end of the year, the students were helping each other reach their goals.  These are very powerful words.  I plan to use this cheer every year!

Mrs. Meng’s First Grade Class Cheer

(adapted from LeBron James Nike commercial song titled “Together”)

When we all work hard
And work together
We can reach our own goals
And help each other.

1,2,3…HARD WORK!!

Have a class cheer or motto?  We’d love to hear about it!